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Wireless charger night light 15W fast charging with mobile phone holder three-in-one wireless charging desk lamp

  Product parameters:

Product features: wireless charger + night light + mobile phone holder (adjustable)
Single machine size: 166mm*127mm*13mm
Type-c input: DC 5V/2.1A, 9V/1.67A
Wireless charging output current: 15W compatible with 10W/7.5W / 5W

LED lamp parameters: 28 LED lamp beads, 2.8W

Charging distance: ≤8mm
Plan: ST
Product material: ABS plastic spray rubber oil + aluminum alloy + PP + electronic parts
Shell process: oil injection + electroplating
Coil: single coil, multiple protection (circuit board protection, overcharge protection, over discharge protection) foreign body detection

D1 (45).jpg
D1 (46).jpg
D1 (47).jpg

D1 (18).jpg
D1 (19).jpg
D1 (4).jpg
D1 (9).jpg
D1 (6).jpg
D1 (8).jpg
D1 (36).jpg
D1 (37).jpg
D1 (38).jpg
D1 (40).jpgD1 (30).jpg

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